[CentOS] Updating kernel driver module questions

Sat Jul 25 02:49:41 UTC 2009
Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com>

I am running CentOS 4.7, presently on an older box (PIII slot 1
processor @ 500mhz with 384meg of RAM, using SCSI disks with an
AHA-2940 host controller).  I have built a new box: AMH Semporon
2.<mumble> GHZ, 2gig of RAM.  I put in a AHA-29160 host controller (uses
same driver as the AHA-2940).  The motherboard is an ASROCK thing with
nVideo's chipset: nv's SATA controller and nv's integrated network
(forcedeth).  I just did some tests with live CD and installer CDs for
CentOS 4 and 5.  It looks like the stock CentOS 4 kernel's achi and
forcedth drivers don't really care for this board :-(.  I bought a SATA
DVD burner for this system -- it looks like I won't be able to use it
unless/until I upgrade either the kernel or the whole O/S (eg to at
least CentOS 5.3).  I really don't want to go an upgrade to CentOS 5 at
this time.  Do I have any other options?  I have the kernel-devel
installed -- is it possible to 'steal' the sources for later kernel
drivers and re-compile them for the kernel I am running?  Are there
other options available?

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