[CentOS] Tracking specific fixes into backports

Tue Jul 28 18:16:29 UTC 2009
Andy Akins <andy at egovtn.org>

I apologize if this is a simple noob question - I looked around and couldn't
find an easy answer.

My auditor presenting me with some findings re: httpd (apache) and said I
have to upgrade to the newest version. They are basing their findings on the
"version" of Apache installed - but are unaware of the fixlevel.

Is there an easy way that I can take a specific Mitre or Securityfocus issue
and see if the fix has been backported into the most up to date version of a
Centos RPM. While this particular instance is in regards to Apache, I
suspect I'll have to do this some more in the future with other RPMs as

Thanks for any insight.

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