[CentOS] install cups-devel error on CENTOS 5.3

Tue Jul 28 19:26:18 UTC 2009
mcclnx mcc <mcclnx at yahoo.com.tw>

I have CENTOS 5.2 on DELL server.  I tried to install new HP3530fs MFP driver which I download from HP.  It ask me install two dependency "cup-devel". while I try to install "cups-devel" from DVD and got error:

# rpm -ivh cups-devel-1.3.7-8.el5.i386.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
        cups-libs = 1:1.3.7-8.el5 is needed by cups-devel-1.3.7-8.el5.i386
[root at MCG-ORA11 tmp]# rpm -qa|grep cups-lib

the reason may come from "cups-libs" newer than "cups-devel".  Anywhere I can download new version of "cups-devel"?


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