[CentOS] sendmail slow to response

Thu Jul 30 17:22:39 UTC 2009
fabian <fabian at baladia.gov.kw>

Dear All,

I am sorry for the post here but really apprecite if someone could help me
or advise.
 actually i just could not subscribe to sendmail mailing list

I have the following setup for a long time on a single computer
Centos server running as my primary Mail & Dns server

CentOS release 5 (Final)
MailScanner (4.76.25)
Mailwatch 1.0.4

I had also running Squirrel mail on the same computer ver 1.1.17 which had
been upgraded as per new releases

all this had been workin grt until recently some users complined that
MSOutlook or Outlook expreess is very slow (a simple text mail remains 2
to 3 minutes in outbox) and then sent

actually abt 80 % users use squirrel mail and there is absolutley no problem

after i started to check this problem i finally concluded that a telnet
the server ip:25 from a client took a long time for sendmail to respond.
the client is on local lan

after loggin into the server itself a telnet to the server ip on port 25
was just instant

also netstat -nl shows me

tcp        0      0       *         LISTEN

i have not changed any settings in sendmail.mc file or regenrated the
sendmail.cf file

just wondering what could have gone wrong

would really apprecite your help and advice as to wht i could do to
troubleshoot this rpoblem



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