[CentOS] Dag's comment at linuxtag

Wed Jul 1 04:12:06 UTC 2009
Linux Advocate <linuxhousedn at yahoo.com>

can dag & karanbir sort of sum up this thread as to how list members can  work together on improving all the additional non-redhat-originated packages from rpmforge,etc. 

As for radu-cristian, relax bro. As for others (myself included), lets all chill out. this thread should not

evolve into personal attacks. venting happens once awhile. so lets all work together to keep making centos a good cholce for users.

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> Radu-Cristian FOTESCU wrote:
> > 
> > RPMRepo is the best proof that collaboration is close to impossible.
> Collaboration isn't exactly the point - in fact the differences are a good 
> thing.  There are legitimate reasons (besides the obvious differences of 
> opinions) for incompatibly different versions of things to exist and to be 
> wanted on different machines.  The problem is not so much that these differences 
> exist, but that the potential users (A) don't have a good way to know what the 
> differences are and why they might want one version over another, and (B) the 
> distro tools are not good at all at maintaining updates from a bunch of 
> different repositories.
> > And ElRepo is the best proof that other small repos could arise, and
> > they have a reason to exist.
> > 
> > But all this is on the "expenses" (not pecuniary, but *nervous*) of
> > the end user, who will get confused and who might also experience
> > system breakage. (No, priorities don't fix everything that easily.)