[CentOS] Dag's comment at linuxtag

Wed Jul 1 13:47:51 UTC 2009
Radu-Cristian FOTESCU <beranger5ca at yahoo.ca>

> My point being: audacious does build, but it has a missing 
> dependency. 

Which still == broken repo.

> You were referring the whole time to SRPMs that do not build. 
> But you never give me an example of one.

On the contrary, I mentioned Comix. But again, I never try the
SRPM, but the SPEC+tarball. Which don't build.

> > When they *did* build, it was maybe 2007. Now it's 2009 and 
> > EL5.3 and... it doesn't build :-(
> Care to give an example ? Then I can point you to the buildlog and you 
> might be able to find the cause of your problem by comparing ?

Comix, for God's sake.

> The audacious package is willing to wait that long :)

Nope, because I've built it *for myself*, i.e. in my repo.

> > See, this is why I am not a QA manager anywhere: people would commit
> > mass suicide under my rule :-)
> Maybe the problem is indeed you, and not the repository. You expect
> too much from people who volunteer their own time. As I said now
> multiple times, unless you are not yourself committed to help, 
> why expect someone else to do it ?

Because you either do something properly, or don't do it at all.

> Maybe RPMforge should ask for money for those people who expect
> more than we offer. But I seriously doubt you would pay for it.
> So what we do is best effort, much like any other repository really.

Maybe Ubuntu should ask for money from those people who expect
more than they offer. But would this improve Ubuntu's quality?
I very much doubt it.

>  - audacious has a missing dependency (audacious-plugins)
>  - comix SRPM does not rebuild
> That's 2 packages, I think we do quite well if that is it :)

But this is only because I am not crazy enough to try 7,600 packages!


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