[CentOS] How best to allow users to change Samba passwords?

Wed Jul 1 13:48:08 UTC 2009
Kevin Thorpe <kevin at pibenchmark.com>

On 01/07/2009 14:29, Jason Pyeron wrote:
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>> I was wondering if anyone could advise me on this.
> We allow users th change their passwords via ctrl-alt-del, and via the web using
> the password change tool that comes with exchange.
We're missing some bits on this. We don't run Windows servers at all so 
the Exchange route is out. Also most of our
workstations are only windows Home, not Professional so we can't use a 
domain or the ctrl-alt-del approach. I think
I'm going to have to use openLDAP to do this, but it seems overly hard 
to set up. It will however work for Samba,
Scalix and our website (Drupal) so I think it's the way to go.
>> I've got two Samba servers, each using passdb.tdb for authentication.
>> All works well, but I've now been asked to let users change
>> their own passwords (a requirement of data secuity). What's
>> the best way of arranging this, preferably updating both
>> servers at the same time?
>> thanks
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