[CentOS] How to change Disk sequence on DELL R900 CENTOS 5.3?

Wed Jul 1 14:32:26 UTC 2009
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

mcclnx mcc wrote:
> Thank you for answer.
> I change /etc/fstab and using UUID instead of LABEL.  after reboot, UUID did
> NOT change disk sequence back to what I want.  Boot device original
> /dev/sda1, it still /dev/sdc1 NO change.

Have you tried asking Dell? Your asking to change the boot device
order which is a hardware question, not a OS question.

In any case I believe you mentioned you had multiple controllers
that were using the same driver, in my experience the only way to
change the order in that situation is to change the IRQs of the
controllers, usually the one with the lower IRQ is detected first.
This can usually be done in the BIOS or by changing the slots that
the controllers are in.

It is probably a better to just use different controllers  that
use different drivers anyways.