[CentOS] How to change Disk sequence on DELL R900 CENTOS 5.3?

Wed Jul 1 18:39:02 UTC 2009
mcclnx mcc <mcclnx at yahoo.com.tw>

Thank you for your answer.

change adapter sequence on /etc/modprobe.conf and rebuild image always my first try.

Unfortunately it does NOT work on DELL R900.  The reason is DELL R900 internal RAID and external RAID use same driver.  There is NO way to change adapter sequence on /etc/modprobe.conf.

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> 2009/7/1 mcclnx mcc <mcclnx at yahoo.com.tw>:
> >
> > Thank you for answer.
> >
> > I change /etc/fstab and using UUID instead of LABEL.
> 蟵fter reboot, UUID did NOT change disk sequence back to
> what I want. 泎oot device original /dev/sda1, it still
> /dev/sdc1 NO change.
> Modify modprobe.conf to list the disk driver you want
> loaded in the
> order you want then re-make the initrd file:
> For example, say you want your internal SATA disks
> recognized before
> your SAS RAID disks, your modprobe for the scsi_hostadapter
> would look
> something like this:
> alias scsi_hostadapter ata_piix (or ahci, sata_XXX whatever
> your SATA
> controller is)
> alias scsi_hostadapter0 megaraid_sas
> Then you remake your initrd with a command:
> mkinitrd -f /boot/initrd-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)
> Remember to use LABELs or UUIDs in fstab first or your
> partitions
> won't mount (wrong disk names)!
> Then reboot.
> -Ross
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