[CentOS] Configure a local DNS caching nameserver: partial success

Thu Jul 2 13:33:07 UTC 2009
Chris Boyd <cboyd at gizmopartners.com>

On Jul 2, 2009, at 2:48 AM, Niki Kovacs wrote:

> The subject says it all. On my "server" machine in the local LAN
> ( in a network), I setup Bind. I installed
> the 'caching-nameserver' package, which provides a set of  
> configuration
> files for Bind so it can be used as a caching nameserver out of the  
> box.

Make sure iptables allows both TCP and UDP port 53.

Make sure that you have

allow-recursion { your.subnet.address/mask; }
allow-query { any; }

In your named.conf