[CentOS] Remote identity management

Fri Jul 3 09:08:02 UTC 2009
Sander Snel <zander.snel at gmail.com>

Why don't you have a go on free IPA, it is built on the fedora directory 
server (LDAP) and has built in MIT Kerberos security, setup is a breeze, 
especially compared with the Fedora Directory server with manual 
kerberos setup. Why use smb if you only have linux machines in your 
network? NIS is simple to setup and maintain but hard to secure. so use 
some kind of ldap implementation, and your wish is reliable:ldap, 
secure:kerberos and simple:webinterface = free-ipa



Sander Snel

On 07/03/2009 10:45 AM, Niki Kovacs wrote:
> Hi,
> Until now, I've only managed local user management on small network with
> no more than five or six machines, e. g. all user data stored locally on
> each and every machine (/etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group). Now I'd
> like to learn remote identity management, that is, all user data stored
> centrally on one machine (so I don't have to wonder who has which UID
> and GID when I want to setup an NFS share, for example).
> I understand there are several ways to achieve that with RHEL/CentOS:
> NIS, LDAP, Kerberos, SMB, ...
> The networks I'll have to deal with are 100% GNU/Linux (better: 100%
> CentOS). So my first question is: which solution is the "best" for such
> a configuration ? By "best" I mean some compromise between "easy" and
> "reliable".
> Any suggestions ?
> Niki Kovacs
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