[CentOS] Dag's comment at linuxtag

Sat Jul 4 11:23:01 UTC 2009
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

On Fri, 3 Jul 2009, Bogdan Nicolescu wrote:

>> On Fri, 3 Jul 2009, Bogdan Nicolescu wrote:
>>> BUT... when someone from the Centos team makes a statement
>>> like "...latest release has many up-to-date desktop
>>> packages..."
>> ummm -- it is of course true that changes happen; rebasings do
>> as well; and the CentOS project [and the upstream] document
>> these matters in release notes as to the up-to-date changes
>> done.  Upstream decided on most of them, or we made a minimal
>> delta to get the packageset to stabilize.  So what?  The
>> project cannot cater to people who won't read nor pay
>> attention.
> Russ, this was about a comment about "up-to-date desktop packages", not 
> a comment about "up-to-date changes".  Just because the release notes 
> contains "up-to-date changes", it doesn't necessarily mean that the 
> "up-to-date xxx package" is installed.  But maybe I wrong, please point 
> to one current "up-to-date package" in Centos or RH for that matter. 
> And by up-to-date package I don't mean a stable, but un-supported 
> package (ie PHP)

So, here's a small list of "up-to-date desktop packages" all part of 
CentOS 5.3 _and_ RHEL 5.4:

  - firefox 3.0.11
  - pidgin 2.5.8
  - NetworkManager 0.7.0
  - thunderbird 2.0.22

And there are many more useful ones if you look at additional 
repositories, like the reporter clearly mentions in the quoted text.

> Thank you, and all the other Centos members for clarifying this... 
> "Yes, CentOS is often considered a server operating system," explained
> Dag, "but we are trying to change that. In fact, the latest release has
> many up-to-date desktop packages and we also have an extra repository
> with many application and drivers that are not officially part of Red
> Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)."

The more I read your quote, the more I think you are misreading what I 
say. When I said "we are trying to change that" it means we are trying to 
change the _perception_ that CentOS is considered a server operating 

We are not trying to change what CentOS is, we cannot because we merely 
take what comes from Red Hat. If that is not clear to you from everything 
the CentOS project did the past 4 years, then every word is wasted anyway.

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