[CentOS] hardware requirements for Centos 2

Mon Jul 6 19:01:08 UTC 2009
jacob at aers.ca <jacob at aers.ca>

The RAM is a little on the low side, 512M is the recommended to run a
GUI at the moment I think but 128M is all that's required for Command
line, and GUI would probably run but might be a little slow to respond.
But otherwise this machine should do run Centos 5 fine. The CPU and HD
are more then adequate 

Ubuntu is the anther distro to play with if you want to play with a
non-RPM based distro. With all the distro's I've played with Centos 5
and the current Ubuntu 9 (http://www.ubuntu.com/ ) are about the easiest
to get up and running.

Both of these distro's have a nice constant stream of free software
updates/upgrades being feed into them so having an network connection
available helps.

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Could you please give me advice about issue described below.

My friends have to use a PC with old hardware for a few months. They've 
got 128MB of RAM, 20 GB hard drive; Pentium 3 processor.

At the moment they have windows xp running on it, but it's very slow.

What are the system requirements for CentOS 2 or any other version of 
this OS that may be suitable?

Can you recommend any other Linux distro that would be easy to install 
and to use?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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