[CentOS] CPU utils almost 100%-- solved

Mon Jul 6 19:37:16 UTC 2009
Alan Hodgson <ahodgson at simkin.ca>

On Monday 06 July 2009, "fabian" <fabian at baladia.gov.kw> wrote:
> now everything works fine without this file in the /etc/cron.daily
> directory so the tmpwatch was the culprit cause the CPU wait state to
> almost 99 % for almost 6 hrs
> but jus would like to know if this particular script has any signifance
> or any perfomance issue and my system will run perfect without the file

If that script is running for more than a few seconds you must have a lot of 
stuff in your tmp directory. You should probably fix that problem instead 
of disabling the script. All it does is cleanup cruft in temporary 

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