[CentOS] yum update error

Tue Jul 7 19:30:21 UTC 2009
Olaf Mueller <daily-planet at istari.de>

Olaf Mueller wrote:

> I have asked about the missing  perl(Class::MOP) >= 0.89 package on
> the rpmforge mailing list without getting any answer. So maybe could
> this be a problem of CentOS or Epel repo?
Ok, found it on the rpmforge list and the error is caused by rpmforge.
It was not an answer to my problem but an answer to an other perl
dependency error.

Dag Wieers wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Jul 2009, Joe Ogulin wrote:
> Feel free to jump in and help us with the perl packages. The only way
> to make this work is having people to actually commit to the work.
> The reason why it now breaks is because Christoph is updating all the
> perl packages and inter-dependencies are not taken care of right now.

So I have a repo where "inter-dependencies are not taken care of right
now". Do I something missunderstood here, or behaved rpmforge like a
testing repo without saying that this is testing only and not stable? 

Either way, to keep thinks running I have to disable rpmforge repo.