[CentOS] Flash Drive problem?

Tue Jul 7 20:24:27 UTC 2009
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

Ron Blizzard wrote:

> At any rate, I'm now unmounting and then waiting for a while before
> removing the flash (just in case it is still writing). Thanks.

You can if you want also run the 'sync' command to flush out the
write cache of the system.

I do that myself before I remove any type of disk that I have
written to, mainly out of habit, it's not a bad habit to

I believe once a file system is unmounted all of the writes
have been flushed to it. You can see the change in behavior:

- write a bunch of data to a disk, run sync, then unmount,
  it should unmount immediately
- write a bunch of data to a disk, then unmount, it may take
  a few seconds(or more) to unmount.

Not sure why those popups aren't showing up on a consistent
basis, I don't use CentOS as a desktop, my Debian desktops
don't show any messages I don't think, though Ubuntu seems