[CentOS] Question about optimal filesystem with many small files.

Wed Jul 8 16:23:22 UTC 2009
Kwan Lowe <kwan.lowe at gmail.com>

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> Hi,
> I have a program that writes lots of files to a directory tree (around 15
> Million fo files), and a node can have up to 400000 files (and I don't have
> any way to split this ammount in smaller ones). As the number of files
> grows, my application gets slower and slower (the app is works something
> like a cache for another app and I can't redesign the way it distributes
> files into disk due to the other app requirements).
> The filesystem I use is ext3 with teh following options enabled:
> Filesystem features:      has_journal resize_inode dir_index filetype
> needs_recovery sparse_super large_file
> Is there any way to improve performance in ext3? Would you suggest another
> FS for this situation (this is a prodution server, so I need a stable one) ?

I saw this article some time back.


I've not implemented it, but from past experience, you may lose some
performance initially, but the database fs performance might be more
consistent as the number of files grow.
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