[CentOS] Question about optimal filesystem with many small files.

Thu Jul 9 15:44:18 UTC 2009
JohnS <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Wed, 2009-07-08 at 16:14 -0600, Frank Cox wrote:
> On Wed, 08 Jul 2009 18:09:28 -0400
> Filipe Brandenburger wrote:
> > You can hash it and still keep the original filename, and you don't
> > even need a MySQL database to do lookups.
> Now that is slick as all get-out.  I'm really impressed your scheme, though I
> don't actually have any use for it right at this moment.
> It's really clever. 
Yes it is but think about a SAN server with terabytes of data
directories disparsed over multiple controllers. I'm am kinda curious
how that would scale. That's my problem.