[CentOS] Question about optimal filesystem with many small files.

Thu Jul 9 17:09:31 UTC 2009
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at fas.sfu.ca>

On Thu, 9 Jul 2009, oooooooooooo ooooooooooooo wrote:

> It's possible that I will be able to name the directory tree based in the hash of te file, so I would get the structure described in one of my previous post (4 directory levels, each directory name would be a single character from 0-9 and A-F, and 65536 (16^4) leaves, each leave containing 200 files). Do you think that this would really improve performance? Could this structure be improved?

If you don't plan on modifying the file after creation I could see it 
working.  You could consider the use of a Berkley DB style database for 
quick and easy lookups on large amounts of data, but depending on your 
exact needs maintenance might be a chore and not really feasable.

It's an interesting suggestion but I don't know if it would actually work 
like you describe based on having to always compute the hash first.

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