[CentOS] Firefox 3.5 Issues

Sun Jul 12 09:46:21 UTC 2009
Michael A. Peters <mpeters at mac.com>

Robert Nichols wrote:
> John R Pierce wrote:
>> Ron Blizzard wrote:
>>> I downloaded Firefox 3.5 from the M. Harris site and, for the most
>>> part, have had good luck with it. But I have also had hard crashes
>>> that take down CentOS, not just Firefox.
>>> It happened to me twice on eBay (on the same page) -- and now I can
>>> replicate it as many times as I want by going to...
>>> http://wiki.centos.org/Newsletter
>>> ...and choosing one of the two newsletters, linked there.
>> FWIW (about $0.0002), Firefox 3.5 on Windows XP (32bit) doesn't crash on 
>> either newsletter.
> Nor does Firefox 3.5 running on Fedora 11.  No problem at all.
> +0.0002       ;-)

My suspicion is that it has to do with the language packs, since the 
same src.rpm built w/o disabling language packs doesn't crash in CentOS 
5.3 on either arch.

<body  lang="en" dir="ltr">

I wonder if that is what triggers it - IE a crash when FireFox can't 
find the language pack for "en".

Maybe try fetching the page with wget, removing that, and see what happens?

Also of interest - the mh build gave a Fedora start page, the build I 
did gave a CentOS start page. Maybe his mock config didn't define the 
rhel macro, so the build did some thing the Fedora way.