[CentOS] CentOS/SNMP update breaks MRTG?

Mon Jul 13 09:00:56 UTC 2009
Tony Mountifield <tony at softins.clara.co.uk>

In article <667c2e1e0907122340vc63cf71t506fd0f1f8832f4d at mail.gmail.com>,
Noob Centos Admin <centos.admin at gmail.com> wrote:
> I got itchy fingers over the weekend and decided to fix what wasn't
> broken and upgraded one of the older servers from Centos 5.2 to Centos
> 5.3. Following the recommended process of updating glibc and such
> before the rest, it appeared to work perfectly and rebooted without
> problem.
> However, MRTG 2.15.2 started complaining about unexpected values. I
> installed/updated both MRTG (2.16.2) and net-snmp to the latest
> available in hope of fixing it. Subsequently, MRTG stopped working
> altogether.
> I've spent the whole weekend and whole Monday morning trying to fix it
> and thus far have only finally managed to get garbage values showing
> up in MRTG again as opposed to nothing. And this required learning
> about SNMP and adding many additional lines to  the original MRTG
> configuration file, none of which I had to do previously.
> Did anybody else have similar experiences with MRTG failing after the
> update and what was the simple fix? It does not make any sense that I
> have to jump through so much hoops to get just the default
> functionality back. Thus I believe there must be one small thing I'm
> overlooking.

Perhaps the OIDs changed for the interfaces you are monitoring.

Have you tried re-running cfgmaker to regenerate mrtg.cfg? It should
pick up the correct OIDs again.

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