[CentOS] CentOS/SNMP update breaks MRTG?

Tue Jul 14 04:07:33 UTC 2009
Noob Centos Admin <centos.admin at gmail.com>


> Did the update overwrite your snmpd.conf file?  The 'view' on the default one
> may not permit access to the things mrtg needs to see.  Try changing it to .1 to
> expose everything.

It might have done so. To be honest I have no idea since I've never
touched the SNMP configuration before this and simply used the
default. Currently there's nothing inside the snmpd.conf except a
rocommunity which is the public user.

I've added lines from an online source that claims that is the default
snmpd configuration and it looks like it should be allowing view all
to the public user. In any case, even prior to adding these lines, I
could get the relevant values off SNMP using command line with the
public community user, so I don't think I was blocking any thing in

----------------------- snmpd.conf ------------------
#existing line
rocommunity  public localhost

#added by me
com2sec   public    default   public
group     public    v1   public
group     public    v2c  public
group     public    usm  public
view      all  included  .1
access    public    ""   any  noauth    exact     all  none none
------------------------ end ----------------------------

As expected, MRTG behaviour remains unchanged. In fact, looking at the
mrtg log, with the default blank mrtg.cfg it does not even appear to
be trying to poll SNMP. This is because if I added the target lines
myself, MRTG would at least scream at me if SNMP does not return
values or cannot find the variable name.