[CentOS] no more single cd installs?

Tue Jul 14 12:12:03 UTC 2009
kOoLiNuS <suser.koolinus at gmail.com>

> William Warren wrote:
>> for some reason cent 5 now wants cd 3 as well as 1.  I make sure to
>> uncheck everything and instlal only the base system.  Bad iso or new
>> default?
Choosing minimal installation (at the end of the "page" when you choose 
custom installation) will give you a perfect working installation with 
init:3 as default.
Then it's just a matter of yum install / groupinstall "foo" and inittab 
editing to have a graphical environment available.

Just my 0,02€

Nicola Losito "kOoLiNuS"