[CentOS] CentOS/SNMP update breaks MRTG?

Wed Jul 15 05:48:19 UTC 2009
Noob Centos Admin <centos.admin at gmail.com>


> I don't see any similar problem on machines upgraded to Centos5.3 that
> are monitored with (and running) OpenNMS, so I'd guess that since you
> didn't change your snmpd.conf settings it is MRTG-specific.

I think it's my server, quite possibly I screwed up something during
the initial setup two years ago or along the way updating it from 5.0
and so forth until it's not behaving in any recognizable manner

> And btw: OpenNMS might be overkill for your purpose, but you might want
> to take a look:  http://www.opennms.org.

It looks good and I decided to give it a try in hope that maybe it can
be up and running faster than I can get MRTG to work again.
Unfortunately, as above mentioned, my server does not behave like a
CentOS server anymore. Following the steps at OpenNMS, I get to the
install -dis stage where it promptly dies because it cannot find jrrd.

downloaded jrrd but it refuses to ./configure because it cannot find rrd_create

yum install rrdtool but there was no rrd_create

searched online and the only result that was similar... was somebody
having the same problem on a Solaris server <-- hence making me wonder
if I was logging into the wrong server. Using the instructions there
however, I at least learnt how to tell configure where rrdtool was...
but it still cannot find rrd_create for the ./configure process

Having spent almost 5 days on this, I'm officially giving up on
monitoring the server with these tools. Writing a PHP script seems a
lot faster, I've already gotten a basic script running to pull load
figures from exec'ing uptime and emailing warnings if the load figures
stay above a certain level.

Now I just have to expand the script to exec snmpget for the other
metrices I need to keep track of. It's really frustrating that I have
to resort to writing my own code when these things worked fine for
other people.