[CentOS] Firefox 3.5 Issues

Wed Jul 15 11:09:59 UTC 2009
Rainer Traut <tr.ml at gmx.de>

Michael A. Peters schrieb:
> Michael A. Peters wrote:
>>> I'm writing for a couple reasons.
>>> I'm curious to see if this is only my problem, or if other have
>>> experienced it or can replicate it.
>> Confirmed - also i386 mharris packaging.
> update - it didn't actually bring the OS down, it brought X11 down - 
> though it looked like CentOS was down. Pressing the power button 
> (thinkpad) resulted in X11 restarting followed by a clean shutdown.

If you can bring down X11 with a userspace program then this is not an 
issue of your application but of X11.
It means there is a bug in X11. I guess you were doing this as a normal 
user and not as root?