[CentOS] OT: Web "Project" type software

Wed Jul 15 18:03:09 UTC 2009
Neil Aggarwal <neil at JAMMConsulting.com>


I wonder if you can do this in two pieces:

1. Dotproject for the project management
2. Subversion for the file storage and revision

Subversion has the ability to keep synchronized
repositories in different locations.  You would
have to write to the primary repository but can
read from any of the synced repositories.  We host
synced repos for our clients in our geographically
separated data centers.

Then, it looks like all you would be missing would
be the LDAP integration which someone could add to
dotproject since it is open source.  We can probably
develop that for you.


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> Sorry for the OT... I'm looking for some software to fill a fairly
> specific set of requirements. I'm not necessarily looking for project
> software, but it seems like the closest to match what I need. I'm also
> not tied into open source or free. If anyone knows of any 
> software that
> might fill these requirements I would appreciate it. 
> Here's what I'm looking for:
> 1) Web enabled application
> 2) File storage
> 	- need to stare a large amount of large cad files
> 	- be able to categorize file storage (not one large list)
> 	- keep different revisions of files with some kind of notes
> 	- be able to search files (at least include names in a search)
> 3) Task	- assign and keep track of tasks (searchable)
> 4) Store meeting notes and minutes (searchable)
> 5) Would like to support LDAP
> 6) Extension on file storage - since we'll be storing a large 
> files and
> many of our users are across a WAN we'd like to sync/mirror 
> the files to
> a few different servers. I'm not sure how we'd control how 
> the users get
> the "closest" server but....
> I found dotproject on sourceforge. It fills some of the 
> needs, but it's
> file storage appears to be one large list, doesn't appear to support
> LDAP, and I don't see much for searching. 
> Anyone know of software that might do these things?
> Thanks,
> James
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