[CentOS] OT: Web "Project" type software

Wed Jul 15 18:15:55 UTC 2009
Andrew Cotter <andrew.cotter at somersetcapital.com>

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> Subject: [CentOS] OT: Web "Project" type software
> Sorry for the OT... I'm looking for some software to fill a 
> fairly specific set of requirements. I'm not necessarily 
> looking for project software, but it seems like the closest 
> to match what I need. I'm also not tied into open source or 
> free. If anyone knows of any software that might fill these 
> requirements I would appreciate it. 
> Here's what I'm looking for:
> 1) Web enabled application
> 2) File storage
> 	- need to stare a large amount of large cad files
> 	- be able to categorize file storage (not one large list)
> 	- keep different revisions of files with some kind of notes
> 	- be able to search files (at least include names in a search)
> 3) Task	- assign and keep track of tasks (searchable)
> 4) Store meeting notes and minutes (searchable)
> 5) Would like to support LDAP
> 6) Extension on file storage - since we'll be storing a large 
> files and many of our users are across a WAN we'd like to 
> sync/mirror the files to a few different servers. I'm not 
> sure how we'd control how the users get the "closest" server but....
> I found dotproject on sourceforge. It fills some of the 
> needs, but it's file storage appears to be one large list, 
> doesn't appear to support LDAP, and I don't see much for searching. 
> Anyone know of software that might do these things?
> Thanks,
> James
  Have you looked at something like Alfresco?