[CentOS] CentOS/SNMP update breaks MRTG?

Thu Jul 16 02:48:10 UTC 2009
Noob Centos Admin <centos.admin at gmail.com>


> A possible work-around is to use a VPN like openvpn to give you what
> look like normal routes to remote locations even with private addressing.

Given the amount of trouble I've had just getting monitoring to work,
I don't think I'm even going to try fiddling with openVPN.

Besides which, after I went to sleep happily last night, I  woke up
this morning to find openNMS has decided to mysteriously stop working
just like MRTG previously. The service is running, opennms -v status
indicates every is a-OK, but the web interface is just not responding.
No log entries, not a single clue. Nothing changed, except my mood or
maybe the datacenter decided port 8980 is an hacking attempt and
decided to close it off. :(

I'm so tired of this whole monitoring crap that I'm not even going to
bother to fix it. My crude load warning script still runs fine. So
until it starts complaining consistently about the load, I think I'm
just going to be an irresponsible admin on top of being a noob one and
just do work that I'm getting paid for. *sigh*