[CentOS] nfs (v3?) fails to allow writes and permission changes

Thu Jul 16 11:10:27 UTC 2009
Paul Bijnens <Paul.Bijnens at xplanation.com>

On 2009-07-15 21:16, Craig White wrote:
> there is little reason to be running OOo 2.x any longer

Except that OOo 3.x is not packaged by RHEL/CentOS/rpmforge/...
and that downloading and installing from openoffice.org installs version
3.1.0 which positions all your tables from a MS Word documents 16cm out of the
visable page.


Which is a showstopper in real life, where doc and docx files
are still "normal" for most of the people.

Unless you install the mongolian version, which is still at 3.0 and
which does not have the bug.
Or wait for 3.1.1 which would solve this, but then having a packaged
version which can easily be upgraded using yum would still be handy.

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