[CentOS] Cloud Computing

Mon Jul 20 11:37:08 UTC 2009
Tsai Li Ming <ltsai at osgdc.org>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Tsai Li Ming wrote:
>> Also, we are going to start preparing ours to work with RHEL 5.4 when it 
>> is out in the coming months. Can the community wait till our 5.4 
>> compatible version is ready. This may coincide with the Centos 5.4 release.
> The last time we had this conversation there was an issue with 'your 
> srpms' are really not the 'red hat' srpms. Has this situation changed ?


Our srpms[1] are given to Red Hat and thus are being rebuild by them. 
EPEL srpms are not given because RH takes them directly from their own 
epel builds.

Till date, RH has not released the srpms. Community request is certainly 
helpful here.

If you download the srpm from rhn and compare against ours, it is not 
the same. The md5sum will not be the same because the srpms are 
generated by their build system using ours. Each srpm has a redhat 
buildhost, signed by them, etc. However, the content is the same.

If it's a centos policy to strictly use rh srpms, then we would be 
better off asking RH to release them to the community. Kusu/PCM is GPL v2.

[1] PCM RHHPC edition srpms, since PCM has various editions.