[CentOS] SSH without password on CentOS 5 ?

Mon Jul 20 16:34:08 UTC 2009
mark.hanna at rmgconnect.com <mark.hanna at rmgconnect.com>

I assume you mean public key based authentication... if so, one "gotcha" 
that verbose debug messages won't help you with is the permissions on the 
.ssh directory and the files underneath...  they must be owned by the 
"owner" and cannot have any "other" permissions (e.g. chmod 700 .ssh and 
chmod 600 on .ssh/authorized_keys )...

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[CentOS] SSH without password on CentOS 5 ?


I'd like to use SSH without password so I can use it in scripts (for 
example in combination with rsync to do backups). I have Carla 
Schroder's "Linux Cookbook" and I'm trying out the various receipts, but 
the one for SSH without a password doesn't work. The book is slightly 
dated, and I wonder if SSH included in CentOS works differently.

Any suggestions?

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