[CentOS] script to monitor interface errors

Thu Jul 23 11:16:47 UTC 2009
Tom Brown <tom at ng23.net>

> surprise, surprise
> I have a similar situation. On a very slow Pentium I machine, runing
> 2.2.XXX kernel, sometimes I have overruns and frame errors, which
> choke up the interface and I have to restart it using
> The overruns are due to torrent traffic generated by one of the geeks here.
> ifconfig eth1 down
> ifconfig eth1 up
> So I was thinking of using a cron job and a simple script that
> restarts the interface, provided the errors have increased since last
> check.

information is available from within /proc/net/dev its just a case of 
formatting that somehow and then comparing the 2 values over a time period