[CentOS] PCI modems

Thu Jul 23 19:03:15 UTC 2009
Vernard Martin <vcmarti at sph.emory.edu>

>> Hi
>> It doesn't need to be a PCI modem, but I would prefer one because everything can be nicely tucked away than and it's less wiring. But if only oldskool external serial modems do the job I'll use that then. 
> My preference is MultiTech. IIRC, many others on this list have also
> preferred them.
Multi-Tech also has a line of PCI modems that work quite nicely. I have 
on in a Dell Itanium server using qpage to act as our notification pager 
for Nagios using a TAP-to-SMS gateway.

Works like a champ. noe that this is PCI and not PCIexpress. A lot of 
new servers do not have a pure PCI slot in them anymore.