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Re: [CentOS] SSH attacks from china

Bob Hoffman wrote:
> Okay, I have a server connected to the net but have not added fail2ban 
> anything on top of my firewall yet.
> Thought you guys might get a kick out of this one user, ip is from 
> who has got a heck of a knack for making assumptions on possible 
> Enjoy this..., 8000+ attempts. Scroll down for funky ones. I have no 
> access enabled on this server and it is pretty bare. Just using it as a
> collector of banable ips right now and it is doing a good job. 
> But some of these are quite interesting when you look at the keyboard
> layout. They really must try to figure this mental thing out...wow.
> If you take some time, there are some down right funny usernames like
> 1am0nly4Joomla
> Igor
> scoobydoo
> $chooLg1rL
> So for all you out there that think your cool way of making a username 
> unique and not to be guessed, you might want to look at some of the 
> this one bot went to.
> 8002 times
>        test/password: 48 times
>        user/password: 45 times
>        fax/password: 43 times
>        www/password: 34 times
>        info/password: 27 times
>        /password: 24 times
>        bill/password: 24 times
>        httpd/password: 23 times
>        1q2w3e/password: 21 times
>        admin/password: 21 times
><snip the other 7995 >
>I think that would definitely classify as a dictionary attack.. but what 
>dictionary has all those kinds of entries :)

When it is not so much a dictionary, but a list of known, good 
usernames/passwords harvested from somewhere else... or in this case 
several lists concatenated one after another (note how there the list is a 
pattern of alphabetical runs)...

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