Thu Jul 23 21:13:40 UTC 2009
Lanny Marcus <lmmailinglists at gmail.com>

On 7/23/09, Alberto García Gómez <alberto at ipimtzcm.rimed.cu> wrote:
> I want to update some packages of my CentOS (eg.: Apache, PHP, etc.); when I
> tried downloading the packages and requesting for it dependencies I need go
> online again and download then, and again, and again....very tired.
> So I need a way to set a repo (I can make the REPO in one of my local
> servers) and once a request an update this come with dependences
> satisficied.
> I'm not talking of make a "yum -y update"; is more liked an intelligent
> "rpm" with REPO connection. ;-)

Bienvenido Alberto: Your written English is very good. I believe you
may also find some information in Spanish on the CentOS.org web site
and a Spanish language mailing list, but the majority of the activity
is on this mailing list. You may want to add the rpmforge and EPEL
repositories. Be sure to add the yum-priorities plug in.
<http://wiki.centos.org/PackageManagement/Yum/Priorities> If you add
EPEL, I suggest that you give it a very low priority or it will
replace a *lot* of packages in your CentOS box. Please remember that
this is an Enterprise distro and if you upgrade core packages and you
break it, it is your problem to fix......     :-)     Saludos desde