[CentOS] Drupal installation

Fri Jul 24 11:20:17 UTC 2009
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

John Thomas wrote:

>> Sorry, I should have made myself clearer.
>> Drupal-5 is available on EPEL,
>> so it can just be yum-installed.
>> The question is, what to do after that?
>> Eg is it a good idea to create a user drupal
>> who will own the database one has to create?
> No need to create a user Drupal at the OS level.
> You need to create a database and a database user/password.  The
> database/user/password go into the settings.php file.

I understand that that is the theory,
but it is clear from a quick google for "drupal installation"
that many people apart from me do not find it that simple.

The fact is, there are a dozen points where there is some ambiguity,
in the absence of precise instructions.

For example, I created a directory /etc/drupal/sites/www.gayleard.com
with my settings.php it in, as did several of the tutorials I visited.
But I get error messages in /var/log/messages telling me
that sites/default cannot be read.

That's just an example.
As I say, there are several other points of ambiguity.
If only the so-called tutorials and howtos just listed
the exact commands they gave.

> There is a Drupal support list too, which may be more appropriate at
> some point.

I did indeed ask on <http://drupal.org/forum>, 
but just got replies saying that it was easy.
Not one person listed a single command they gave.

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