Fri Jul 24 15:18:39 UTC 2009
Alberto García Gómez <alberto at ipimtzcm.rimed.cu>

OK, maybe I don't write the right word, what I really need is an upgrade 
(eg.: from PHP5.1.x to PHP5.2.x, and so on) and I don't know do that using 
yum. What I do until know is downloading the packages from rpmfind.net and 
when they request me some dependencies I download those packages again, and 
again, and again......and that's what I want to avoid

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2009/7/23 Alberto García Gómez <alberto at ipimtzcm.rimed.cu>:
> I'm not talking of make a "yum -y update"; is more liked an intelligent
> "rpm" with REPO connection. ;-)

"yum" is "rpm" with repository connection and dependency solving.
There currently is no way to have RPM download and install
dependencies by itself, that is what "yum" is for.

You should look into using "createrepo" to create a "yum" repository.
It is not that hard.

Alternatively, you should look into already existing repositories for
CentOS that contain the versions of Apache and PHP that you want.

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