Fri Jul 24 14:35:13 UTC 2009
Kwan Lowe <kwan.lowe at gmail.com>

2009/7/24 Alberto García Gómez <alberto at ipimtzcm.rimed.cu>:
> OK, maybe I don't write the right word, what I really need is an upgrade
> (eg.: from PHP5.1.x to PHP5.2.x, and so on) and I don't know do that using
> yum. What I do until know is downloading the packages from rpmfind.net and
> when they request me some dependencies I download those packages again, and
> again, and again......and that's what I want to avoid

Not sure if this is precisely what you mean, but I have a similar issue.

I run some production RedHat servers (4.x) and CentOS for development
and test instances. The Apache/PHP packages we require are not
available via repos as they need some specific Oracle, Perl and other
miscellaneous packages.   I need to rebuild the packages because of
these dependencies.

To ease the process, I use the Sourcexx: lines in the rpm spec file to
automatically retrieve sources from their online homes. This works if
the URLs are relatively consistent. For example:

Source0: http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/httpd-%{version}.tar.gz

You could add another local server containing those packages then use
the Source line to specify the location of your local server.