[CentOS] Drupal installation

Sat Jul 25 19:33:50 UTC 2009
Rainer Duffner <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

Am 25.07.2009 um 20:33 schrieb Geoff Galitz:

>> Honestly, I think you would then be better off with something else.  
>> Drupal
>> is one of the more powerful, but also more complex CMS systems  
>> available.
> I strongly agree with this statement.  I was using Drupal for my  
> personal
> and business websites, but the complexity (the not exactly intuitive
> interface, to be exact) was more bother than it was worth in my case.
> I now use CMS Made Simple for my business site and Wordpress for my  
> personal
> blog.

Wordpress ist good and simple to setup.
I'd consider it also for websites more  complex than my simple blog.

Drupal is interesting, though.