[CentOS] Drupal installation

Sun Jul 26 23:32:05 UTC 2009
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

John R Pierce wrote:

>>> IIRC, when you first install it, you register a new account and this
>>> account #1 becomes the 'webmaster' account with master privileges.  I
>>> often call it webmaster.

>> But as I mentioned, I installed drupal by "sudo yum install drupal",
>> and was never asked to register an account.
>> I'll see if I can deduce from the MySQL database
>> what name and email address have been assigned.

> no, I mean from the web interface....  go to that default webpage, and
> use the 'create new account' function thats there.  the first account
> thats created is user #1, and is the drupal equivalent of a superuser.

I found in the end the bizarre cause of my problem.
When I looked at the MySQL table drupal.users
(my Drupal database is called drupal)
I found that I was entered as user #2,
a strange alien being entered as user #1,
and so I presume the administrator.

I take it some hacker has a program that looks for drupal sites,
and managed to get in between the time I installed drupal
and the time I logged in.
(Only a couple of minutes, as I recall.)
I tried deleting this user, and moving myself up,
but apparently it was too late.
I kicked myself for not making a note of the intruder,
or the email address they gave.

In any case, when I yum-deleted drupal,
and deleted the drupal databse,
and started again, it all worked fine.

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