[CentOS] Cleaning up some problems

Mon Jul 27 13:53:33 UTC 2009
Sam Drinkard <sam at wa4phy.net>

Alan Sparks wrote:
> Sam Drinkard wrote:
>>> NET::DNS is a core perl module. You don't want to get any version from CPAN.
>>> $locate DNS.pm
>>> /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/Net/DNS.pm
> I don't believe on CentOS this is a "core" module.  Try a Yum install of
> perl-Net-DNS (in the base repository).
> -Alan
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    The package perl-Net-DNS is already installed and is up do date.  
I'm wondering if that command coming from cron.weekly about the "s" file 
has anything to do with it?  There does not seem to be any ill effects 
from the cron job, but it irritates me to see errors and not know why or 
how to fix stuff, especially when the keyword is "s" :(  Perhaps I 
should just remove that particular command from the cron.weekly and see 
what happens, or at least comment it out.