[CentOS] Cleaning up some problems

Mon Jul 27 14:03:39 UTC 2009
Sam Drinkard <sam at wa4phy.net>

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Sam Drinkard wrote on Sun, 26 Jul 2009 22:32:54 -0400:
>> I don't have a perl version installed at that location.  I've 
>> only added a few modules from cpan.
> You have no Perl, but installed modules via CPAN? Digest that. What are 
> you telling us?
> And, btw, you didn't even tell what your actual problem is. Can you please 
> work on the phrasing of your questions to this list? You seem to be very 
> reluctant to learn from replies to your earlier questions.
>> TW, what is wrong with using 
>> cpan?
> You have been using an rpm-based Linux installation long enough to know 
> that by yourself or to google it up by yourself.
> Kai


    Yes, I've been using Centos plenty long enough to pickup a few 
tid-bits of information that have been useful, but a lot of the info 
passed on the mailing list is either way over my head, or I have no use 
for it now or in the future.  As for the "exact problem" -- it's an 
error message, and I don't like seeing error messages when I have no 
clue where to even begin looking besides the source that is causing 
them.  As for learning from earlier questions, yes, as a matter of a 
fact, I do learn from them, and archive a LOT of threads that deal with 
things I've seen before or something I feel I might need/use later on.  
There's nothing wrong with being curious about error messages, I just 
don't like to see them as I don't know what else might be being 
affected.  As for the cpan, the modules were not available via any 
repository, hence cpan.  All of the modules I grabbbed were for one 
package and only one package that deals with my weather data and its 
software.  Ever heard of LDM or Gempak.. both required some modules 
before it would even install, and they were NOT available anywhere 
else.  This software does not get updated but once in a blue moon, and 
has nothing to do with Centos itself, other than being hosted on it.   
One last thing.. I don't appreciate one bit you taking jabs at me and my 
methods.  You don't know me, and know even less about how I used my 
computers.  I follow instructions that come with packages I install, not 
any kind of maybe this or maybe that.  So in the future, I'd appreciate 
it if you'd leave off the jabs and stabs about my knowledge of what I'm 
doing.  I'm no guru by any sort, but if I can't figure something out, I 
thought the mailing list was where to ask, unless you think every 
problem ever occured is covered under some form of google... I assure 
you -- IT"S NOT.