[CentOS] What's the configure specs for the generic Apache install of CentOS x86_64 5.3?

Tue Jul 28 01:28:58 UTC 2009
Rainer Duffner <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

Am 28.07.2009 um 03:23 schrieb Robert Heller:

> Right.  The other option, if there is some specific thing you need
> changed is to grab the source RPM and tweek the .spec file and include
> your own patch(es).  Keep the patch(es), along with a patch file for  
> the
> .spec file someplace, so you can patch future versions.  But Ian is
> right: you need a really good reason NOT to just use the distro  
> provided
> RPM, along with whatever extras from EPEL (or rpmforge, etc.) you  
> might
> need.  Also: check out CentOSPlus as well, if you need more bleeding
> edge or whatever.

Ever tried moving the install-location to /usr/local by changing the  

Last time I looked, there was so much hard-coded stuff in the spec- 
file that it was almost impossible to change.