[CentOS] DRBD on a xen host: crash on high I/O

Wed Jul 29 11:52:50 UTC 2009
Andrea Dell'Amico <adellam at sevenseas.org>

On Tue, 2009-07-28 at 14:31 -0400, William L. Maltby wrote:

> > When the two hosts are in sync, if I activate more than a few (six or
> > seven) xen guests, the master server crashes spectacularly and reboots.
> > 
> > I've seen a kernel dump over the serial console, but the machine
> > restarts immediately so I didn't write it down.
> If you have an available pc, hook it up in place of the serial console
> and start a terminal emulator, e.g. minicom or whatever you prefer, and
> turn on full logging. This should save everyting in a file that you can
> then review.

Uhm. The console is on the DRAC5 card. I think I would need to activate
some network kernel crash dump feature.

> If it's a Windows based, just remember to get rid of the ^M with
> dos2unix, or equivalent, after you send it to a *IX box.
> I don't know anything about the rest of your problem, sorry.

As I wrote, it's a production server. I cannot stop it when I want, I
need to reserve a weekend session.
In the meantime, I was asking if there's a known problem with a setup
like mine.

Thanks, anyway


Officina Metropolis Pub
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