[CentOS] Grub fallback problem

Thu Jul 30 10:53:45 UTC 2009
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Matthias Blankenhaus <matthiasblankenhaus at yahoo.com>
> The problem is that the fallback does not work for me.  For instance, if I 
> specify on purpose a wrong root device with the NEW OS, e.g. root=/dev/sda3, 
> then the kernel panics and reboots properly after 5 sec.  However, grub then 
> attempts to boot the NEW OS all over again.  The same is true when I fully boot 
> NEW OS with the right root device and then panic the kernel on purpose.
> Now, I have read somewhere that grub requires a default file to get
> the savedefault feature working.  However, I could neither find the 
> 'savedefault' command nor the grub default file under /boot/grub or
> anywhere else.  One more thing, when I choose the boot title manually
> then grub seems to remember my last choice.  In other words, grub is
> preserving my last choice from a previous boot.

Not sure if you already read this: