[CentOS] kvm in Centos 5.3

Thu Jul 30 13:14:14 UTC 2009
Rajagopal Swaminathan <raju.rajsand at gmail.com>


On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 2:34 PM, Fabian
Arrotin<fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net> wrote:
> Victor Padro wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 5:01 PM, Kanwar Ranbir
>> Sandhu<m3freak at thesandhufamily.ca> wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> Is KVM support in CentOS 5.3 complete?  That is, can a CentOS 5.3 system
>>> host KVM VMs or does CentOS 5.3 only support being virtualized via KVM?
>>> I ask because I installed KVM on a CentOS 5.3 host, but I can't find a
>>> kvm module anywhere in /lib/modules/* (let alone the running kernel).
>>> Regards,
>>> Ranbir
> Please notice that this HowTo is quite old and doesn't reflect at all
> what will happen with the upcoming kvm packages from 5.4 : i'm currently
> testing those packages (from RHEL 5.4beta) with the newer libvirt,
> virt-manager, virt-install on a CentOS 5.3 system and they work ok.

Maybe not.


In section:

2.3. Installing later versions of KVM

there is s teeny weeny link under "own website" lurks the link:


indeed it does provide kvm-85.

Ok, OK I know the latest is kvm-88 but then we are talking Centos
which by definition stays away from bleeding edge.

But please be aware that the CPU should support [vmx|svm] and be
beware that operting KVM with VMware server on same CPU can (or is it
will?) give nightmares