[CentOS] Open Letter to Lance Davis

Thu Jul 30 14:18:39 UTC 2009
Rainer Duffner <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

Craig White schrieb:
> Perhaps you can just say to Lance, thanks and keep whatever money, just
> turn over the domain name and then you can get your own paypal & adsense
> accounts.

I suspect this is exactly what they are trying to do.
Does anybody know where he lives?
Can somebody from the UK visit his place on the weekend to see if he's
still alive?
Maybe not directly confront him.
If all else fails, you can still resort to following him on the streets
while wearing a pink bunny-suite...

The uklinux.net domain still contains a real address, that appears to be
some sort of business-center with lot's of small companies in one big