[CentOS] Centos convert to rhel?

Thu Jul 30 18:12:07 UTC 2009
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

Bob Hoffman wrote:
> Hate to ask, but after reading the last few months of centos history online
> I am worried.
> And to learn the lead guy seems to have absconded with the cash and left all
> the hard working devs high and dry..well that is scary.

You seem to be reading something (into, maybe?) completely different to 
me then?

> They all worked so hard and who knows what will happen now.

CentOS will continue - that's what open source projects do.

> If centos falls I have no choice but to go to redhat. I am wondering if the
> conversion will be easy or a complete reinstall.

Yes, it's simple enough to convert to Red Hat, and I'm sure they will be 
more than please to accept your business for subscriptions.

> I ponder the worries I think we are all faced with here. I think all of us
> would follow a fork...
> Whatever they end up calling it.
> But I am worried about the immediate future for the project. None of those
> guys deserve what is happening to them and all of us are affected.
> If anyone lives near Lance, perhaps a good call to the local news station
> and some you tube stuff may get him to release the project to the team who
> wants to continue.
> But an option to go full redhat is one I am now considering..
> Discuss?