[CentOS] files not showing up in an nfs mounted filesysetm in timely manner

Thu Jul 30 18:57:30 UTC 2009
Alan Sparks <asparks at doublesparks.net>

Blackburn, Marvin wrote:
> We have and nfs mount from a windows pc nfs server.  A file is created
> on the server, but can take as long as 50 seconds to become available
> on the client.
> We are running Centos 5.2 (final), using NFS version 3.  Is there
> anything we can do from the client side to see the file more quickly. 
> The files are very small, usually about 1k

Look at the "nfs" man page and consider mount options such as acdirmin,
acdirmax (or actimeo), possibly even noac in specific circumstances.