[CentOS] How to remove the wrong wireless firmware module

Ned Slider ned at unixmail.co.uk
Wed Jun 3 14:39:38 UTC 2009

David McGuffey wrote:
> How do I back out of these directions?
> "yum install iwl4965-firmware
> rmmod iwl4965; modprobe iwl4965

rmmod iwl4965
yum erase iwl4965-firmware

> Your wireless device should be working now. Enable NetworkManager to use it.
> Starting from CentOS 5.3 (kernel 2.6.18-128) the kernel includes the iwlagn 
> kernel module. If you are running an older kernel, please look at the ipw4965 
> method above.
> First download and install the firmware (see above), then just reload the iwlagn 
> kernel module:
> rmmod iwlagn; modprobe iwlagn"
> I managed to grab the wrong set of firmware for my Dell Latitude D830. There was 
> conflicting guidance on the Internet as to which device was installed...I've now 
> found out that it is a Broadcom device. I need to remove the Intel firmware and 
> install the Broadcom firmware.

No, not really. Firmwares are generaly installed to /etc/firmware and 
the correct firmware will automatically be loaded and used by the 
wireless driver, so it really doesn't matter if a bunch of other 
firmwares are present on your system or not.

But if you want to uninstall them, just use:

yum erase iwl4965-firmware

> BTW, it appears that support for the Broadcom wireless device is not in the 
> CentOS repositories. I think I 'm going to have to download the Broadcom files 
> and "make" the firmware module. I'd like to avoid that...any guidance?

Please show us:



lspci -n | grep '0X:0Y.Z'

where 0X:0Y.Z is the first column output for the Broadcom wireless 
device. Then we may be able to tell you if it's supported or not, and 
what driver to use.

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